The Ultimate Guide to Cooking With Canola Oil

From delicious jalebis to your favorite vegetable fried rice, canola oil is the perfect cooking oil for frying. Pure canola oil is an edible oil derived from the plants of the Brassicaceae family, the same family to which mustard and rapeseed belong.

Canola oil is deemed as one of the most versatile cooking oil due to its light flavor, high smoke point and smooth texture. Its light texture makes it suitable for sauteing and stir-frying purposes; it is perfect for deep-frying due to its high smoke point, and being neutral in taste, it is the right choice for traditional Indian dishes with their trademark spices and flavors. This oil can even be used as an oil for baking delightful cakes and muffins as it reduces the overall fat content of these tasty dishes while maintaining moisture at the same time.

According to the leading chefs at various hotels across India, the high smoke point of canola oil makes it an ideal choice for Indian kitchens as it only enhances the taste of the dishes and makes them healthier. In fact, the consumption of canola oil is continuously increasing in India due to its various health benefits and suitability for all cooking methods and cuisines.

An Indian consumer survey recently showed that more and more people are now preferring canola oil over other cooking oils. Being a vitamin enriched cooking oil, it provides the perfect cooking experience which essentially means less burning and more cooking. Apart from this, canola oil is termed as one of the “heart healthy oils” and “diabetes care oils” which make it easily fall into the category of “healthy oils.”

Whatever you want to cook – parathas, sabzis or samosas, using this oil will fill your entire kitchen with a delicious smell and provide your taste buds a perfect experience. The best part is that you don’t have to compromise on your health as it is an Omega-3 oil which is rich in antioxidants and “good fats” like monounsaturated fatty acids.

If you’re in search for the best oil for frying, try using Hudson Canola Oil which is a light and non-greasy oil that will provide you with a smoke-free experience. It will fry your favorite foods without coating them with a heavy layer of grease and keep the overall fat content low. Even when deep frying dishes like jalebis, you’ll enjoy less greasy food without compromising on taste.